Learn Python For Commodity Trading And Data Analysis (With Free PDFs)

Are you thinking of learning python for commodity trading? It’s a great idea. Whether for data analysis, trading backtesting, or risk management – you’ll be hedged.

Python For Commodity Trading

Data analysis is the KEY to effective decision making.

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Whether you want to price options, back-test trading models, or implement a trading algorithm, Python will be a fantastic option for trading commodities and other assets.

Why Python?

Python is the language of data.

Python is perfect for data analysis because it is easy-to-learn, compact, and an industry-standard, also in commodity trading.

Python is commonly used for data science at prototyping and even at some production stages in hedge funds.

There are many online courses to learn python.

Start Learning Python Online

Nowadays the internet offers excellent learning platforms to get into python.

Some online courses to learn python are free, while other are freemium, with fairly low prices compared to bootcamps or a full time university degree.

The best resources for learning python online are:

Beginner Online Material

  • Codecademy
    Fantastic learning platform (free / ~$20/month).
    Learn data science and web development with Javascript frameworks such as React, Angular, Express, Node, and MongoDB.
  • DataCamp
    Slightly higher quality platform focused exclusively on data science. (free / ~$40$ per month).
    Learn data science with Python or R (some still use it)
  • Crash Course on Python
    Google developed this free introductory Python course on Coursera. Good to get started with Python as a coding language.

Advanced Material

Practise Python With Market Data

  • Quantopian
    Quantopian was the best possible playground for algorithmic trading. It was closed around December 2020.
    Quantopian offered free database access and demo tests so that you could learn the skills required to become a quant trader. Additionally, there were many video resources and additional tutorials to learn python for trading for free.
This python reading list will get you up and running in no time.

Reading List

Start learning today, prepare, prepare, and prepare.

Python is a trendy coding language so there’re plenty of available resources.

Beginner Python Books

Data Science Python Books

Advanced Python Books

Data Science Books

Statistics & Probability Books

Complexity Theory & Signal Processing Books

Machine Learning

Careers for Python Coders / Quants

It’s no secret that the leading commodity traders, including Cargill, Total, Vitol and many other are hiring top-notch quants to model prices and catch trends early.

The most common positions for those with coding skills:

  • Data Analyst
    A data analyst will examine data and come up with actionable business insights.
  • Quant Analyst
    A quant analyst will most likely be looking at derivatives pricing to ensure risks are controlled.
  • Quant Trader
    A quant trader will ideate and partially implement trading strategies based on quantitative criteria.
  • Quant Developer
    Most likely you’ll be adapting trading strategies and translating from python/R to production code like C++.

Are you ready to start your quant career?

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