The Largest European Specialty Coffee Roasters

Specialty coffee has been growing for the last 30 years, and it’s completely revolutionizing the coffee trading industry. Large commodity coffee traders such as Sucafina, Volcafe, or Mercon are opening specialty divisions aiming at tapping into this high-margin low-volume market controlled by independent importers such as Falcon, Nordic Approach, and Rehm.

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Top Specialty Coffee Roasters (2021)

  1. Solberg & Hansen (Oslo, Norway): 13.82m USD
  2. Huracan (Vilnius, Riga): 10.74m USD
  3. Square Mile (London, UK): 6.50m USD
  4. Doubleshot (Prague, Czechia): 4.51m USD
  5. The Barn (Berlin, Germany): 4.00m USD
  6. Workshop Coffee (London, UK): 3.01m USD
  7. Cafes El Magnifico(Barcelona, Spain): 2.76m USD
  8. Bonanza Coffee (Berlin, Germany): 2.54m USD
  9. Kaffa (Oslo, Norway): 2.48m USD
  10. Tim Wendelboe (Oslo, Norway): 2.23m USD
  11. Ditta Artigianale (Florence, Italy): 2.01m USD
  12. Badger & Dodo (Cork, Ireland): 1.64m USD
  13. Nomad Coffee (Barcelona, Spain): 1.41m USD
  14. Drop Coffee (Stockholm, Sweden): 1.30m USD
  15. Rocket Bean (Riga, Latvia): 1.10m USD
  16. Cafe Mokxa (Lyon, France): 0.99m USD
  17. L’Arbre a Cafe (Paris, France): 0.95m USD
  18. Keen Coffee (Utrecht, Netherlands): 0.76m USD
  19. Andrito (Riga, Latvia): 0.74m USD
  20. Loutsa (Lyon, France): 0.46m USD
  21. Hola Coffee Roasters (Madrid, Spain): 0.46m USD
  22. Hayb (Warsaw, Poland): 0.25m USD

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