The EU’s Top Supply Chain Management Masters

Physical commodity traders are astute logistics and operations managers too. To trade physical cargo, one needs to understand operations very well. Let’s have a look at the EU’s Top Supply Chain Management Masters.

EU citizens will be pleased to learn that study fees are quite low or even free!

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Rotterdam boasts EU’s largest port.

Supply Chain Management at RSM (Rotterdam)

This program takes place at RSM, the top business school in The Netherlands.

  • Fees (EEU): 2,143 EUR
  • Fees (Non-EEU): 18,200 EUR
  • More info
Copenhagen is a fantastic student city.

Supply Chain Management at CBS (Copenhagen)

This program takes place at CBS, the top business school in Denmark.

  • Fees (EEU): 0 EUR (FREE)
  • Fees (Non-EEU): 15,200 EUR
  • More info

What other programs are you considering?

  1. I was general manager at a small coffee farm in Oahu, Hawaii for 3 years. I started in production where we roasted the coffee we grew on the farm, as well as international green beans we purchased through our broker. I then moved up to Assistant General manager overseeing all Production, and retail. We also had a Cafe and tours of our farm. I am not living mainland in Florida due to my husband retiring from the military and want to get back into the coffee business. I am interested in the green bean brokerage side of the business but do not know the best way to jump into this exciting industry.

    1. Dear Beth,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Generally speaking, the best way to land trading desk jobs is
      a) as a university graduate, starting as a trainee/junior/support/ops, or
      b) as an industry professional who has either commercial contacts (a book/reputation) or technical expertise (mainly in production or operations).
      When it comes to the coffee industry, the same applies. In your case, as an experienced coffee professional, you may try to join one of the trading firms/importers in their Quality lab / Ops desk, their commercial desk after some refresher time in OPS/QA, or maybe one of their origin operations where your farm management experience may be precious.
      Best of luck!
      Jacob Gorvitz

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