Physical commodity traders are astute logistics and operations managers too. To trade physical cargo, one needs to understand operations very well. Let’s have a look at the EU’s Top Supply Chain Management Masters.

EU citizens will be pleased to learn that study fees are quite low or even free!

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Rotterdam boasts EU’s largest port.

Supply Chain Management at RSM (Rotterdam)

This program takes place at RSM, the top business school in The Netherlands.

  • Fees (EEU): 2,143 EUR
  • Fees (Non-EEU): 18,200 EUR
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Copenhagen is a fantastic student city.

Supply Chain Management at CBS (Copenhagen)

This program takes place at CBS, the top business school in Denmark.

  • Fees (EEU): 0 EUR (FREE)
  • Fees (Non-EEU): 15,200 EUR
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What other programs are you considering?