5 Tips That Will Land You A Commodities Trading Job

Landing a commodity trading job is not an easy feat, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.

Science is a good way to develop analytical skills.

Develop Your Analytical Skills

Studying a STEM degree such as math, physics, chemistry, or other engineering degrees can provide you with the analytical basis suited to become a commodity trader.

Firstly, a good STEM degree increases your chances to getting hired in this but also other industries.

Second, STEM degrees usually include coding courses, which will offer you data analysis tools that bring clarity out of numbers.

Learning to code increases your chances to land commodity jobs.

Learn To Code

Coding can get you a job at Google or Facebook, but also at some of the top commodity trading houses.

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The largest commodity traders are constantly growing their quant teams, staffed mostly with STEM graduates who know how to code.

Geography, geology, traveling, whatever it is.

Grow A Passion

Whether it’s geology, geography, Formula 1 tires, or specialty coffee, developing a deep expertise in a field you love prepares you for a career in commodity trading.

Another trader in the Singapore desk landed his job in his golf club when he was working to pay his tuition as a caddy.

Barista hustle can get you started in coffee.

Start From The Bottom

Hustle your way up, whether it’s brewing coffee or working in a golf course, try to start early and intern at any industrial or commodities company you can.


Going the extra mile speaks volumes about attitude, and believe me, nothing gets done unless you push hard.

Learn to sell, learn to pitch.

Learn To Sell

While not all traders “sell” the way you think about “selling”, it is absolutely essential to keep a commercial mindset and maintain.

Another university colleague was working at McDonalds front desk and training, he is now a partner at a major VC fund.

Learn how to deal with different kinds of people.

More Tips To Land A Trading Job

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